13 Aug

Haze is a serious health threats to the mountain community.

Haze is a serious health problem for the people of Chitral.
It is sad to note that Chitral is seriously affected by the new hazard “Haze” is a serious key air pollutant of concern, short and long-term health effects. Haze is a serious air pollution of combined dust and smoke particles accumulate in the relatively dry air. The long dry weather conditions of Chitral blocking the dispersal of dust/smoke and other pollutants- they concentrate and form a usually low-hanging shroud¬†that impairs visibility and may become a respiratory health threat.http://facebook.com/syedharirshah1958¬†



Studies have suggested that pollutional haze is associated with jeopardized lung function, respiratory symptoms. Among these health problems, pulmonary function as an objective indicator of respiratory health is of special interest in evaluating effects of ambient particulate in most studies.
Vehicles pollution is causing immediate and long-term effects on the environment.

The motor vehicles, especially the old Cars/trucks exhaust emit a wide range of gases and solid matter, causing local environmental pollution and contributing to global warming, acid rain, and harming the environment and human health.

Engine noise and fuel spills also cause pollution. Cars, trucks and other forms of transportation are the single largest contributor to air pollution in any part of the world, but an expansion of non-custom duty vehicles of all types in Chitral is the major contributors to air pollution in terms of emitting carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases. On the other hand, illegal transports generating serious dust pollution by uncontrol driving on dusty roads. Dust particles in the environment are creating multiple threats to both human health, agriculture product and water supply both for drinking and irrigation. Other major air and water pollution contributors are unplanned rapid development and urbanization over the past few decades. The fast urbanization and economic expansion are principally driven by the tremendous use of fossil fuels, bringing about a dramatic increase in emissions of both ambient air pollutants and greenhouse gases. Meanwhile, the rapidly growing use of building and shopping materials, population growth, non-availability of the waste disposal system, deforestation, desertification, over and excessive use of scarce natural resources, and tobacco smoking have made the air quality even worse. Currently, Chitral is suffering the worst air pollution haze, Greenhouse gases and dust particles trap heat in this atmosphere, which causes local temperatures to rise and contributes to global warming
Both water and air pollutions are major threats to biodiversity and ecosystem of Chitral if urgent action is not taken by concerned authorities at local as well as regional/national and global level

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