Our Values

Our values

Through programs, JAD Foundation enacts the following core values:

  1. We belief on Oneness of humanity and vicegerent of human.
  2. We trust that nurturing ethical values in the 21st century youth for developmentally appropriate activities, programming, and spiritual formation integrates the resources of the community in a common effort for intergenerational mentoring of the young to ensure their lifelong commitment to personal integrity and moral social action within the fabric of society.
  • We understand that each of us is an inextricable part of the web of life on the planet.
  1. We strive to live with ecological integrity through nurturing our relationship with Nature to live healthy, responsible and resilient lives.
  2. We understand that mutually enhancing relationships are based on respect, reciprocity and intimacy; we nurture affectionate alliances, encouraging the voice of all partners to be heard.
  3. We deal with the root causes of the multiple crises we face and work for deep, systemic and potent change.
  • We strive to create conditions for emergence of new possibilities by connecting ideas, people, organisations, networks and Nature in a convivial, homely and heart-connecting way.
  • We trust that humanitarian service is a perpetual charity.
  1. We respect to inherent rights to ecosystem and humankind
  2. We believe that the spirit of belonging, community, cooperation, collaboration and active participation in the delivery of all activities for sustainable development to meet the SDGs.
  3. We respect to the cultural, religious, ethnic differences, norms and values
  • We understand that empowerment of people for building confidence and self-determination in making choices for their personal and collective goals.
  • We are highly valuing humanity, solidarity, harmony, compassion and above all respect to gender, religion, culture dynamic and values.
  • We at JAD Foundation trust that respecting socioeconomic and political system for fundamental human rights of basic education, health, clean drinking water, shelter, and access to legal justice, support and development opportunities on an equity and equality basis empower the humanity to support other humankind.
  1. We committed to make sure that women, children, disabled, the weak and vulnerable are aware about the emerging threats/risks of disasters and climate change to their lives/properties and environment.
  • We know that valuing science and technology as central to creating core competencies, skills, and knowledge about climate carbon and disaster risk.