Our Structure

JAD (Justice, Aid & Development) Foundation

The JAD (Justice, Aid and Development) Foundation was established in September 1997 to support the humanitarian and development of communities in Chitral Pakistan.

The JAD Foundation has been a registered charity in Pakistan since 2000 under the Voluntary Social Welfare Agencies (Registration and Control) Ordinance XLVI of 1961 (Government ID: DSW-1735)

Our aim is to address the pervasive issues impacting Pakistan’s sustainable development, including poverty, food security, corruption and poor governance, limited natural resources, violence and climate change.

Based in Chitral, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and rest of the three provinces, our organisation works directly with local participants to ensure our projects are aligned directly to their needs. The majority of our team were born and raised in mountain and urban regions and have an in-depth understanding of the history of development in the region.

We also have a strong international team, who utilize their technical skills to conduct research, build networks and raise funds that support the longevity of our projects.

JAD Foundation is a youth led membership based humanitarian and development organization established in Pakistan in September 1997 and registered in 2000 under the Voluntary Social Welfare Agencies (Registration and Control) Ordinance XLVI of 1961, to contribute to building a participatory, values-based resilient community that respect to global justice and global citizenship on the principles of the rights and responsibility of the humanity to ecosystem and life on the planet, and prohibition against impermissible and discrimination.

We are on  the driving seat to a long journey of transformation and development that will bring a fundamental and positive shift in the attitude, behaviour, and thinking of future generations. We aspire to reclaim our unrevealed value, protect the nurture and our common goods, and respect the rights of other living creatures and the ecosystem on the planet.  We believe that the earth´s natural environment, ecosystems and knowledge/intellect are common property, and need to manage for the common good, the scientific concept of the chain of life, with each species depending on one another and together maintaining the balance of life on earth.

We acknowledge our responsibility for the safer planet and ecosystem for our future generation. We take responsibility for our individual and collective actions. Collectively, we acknowledge that to reach a just and sustainable world through personal and collective transformative aiming to decolonise our minds, and visible within collective, community and political actions.

In our view, injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere across the world. We believe justice to inherent Rights of Nature, and Humanity-the right to be, the right to habitat, and the right to fulfil its role in the ever-renewing processes of the Earth community by finding solutions to the growing list of urgent issues that are contributing to affect humanity, living creatures, the planet, and continual degradation of the earth's environment.

JAD Foundation is committed to contribute to the 10 priorities areas of international commitment of SDGs - 2030;

  • Extreme poverty and hunger
  • Achieve development and prosperity for all without ruining the environment
  • Ensure learning for all children and youth
  • Achieve gender equality and reduce inequalities
  • Achieve health and wellbeing at all ages
  • Increase agricultural production in an environmentally sustainable manner, to achieve food security and rural prosperity
  • Make cities productive and environmentally sustainable
  • Curb human-induced climate change with sustainable energy
  • Protect ecosystems and ensure sound management of natural resources
  • Improve governance and align business behaviour with all the goals

JAD programs to raise awareness about the mounting production of nuclear weapons and weapons of mass destruction and human killing machines, increasing trend of Defense spending, the extreme climate affects, natural disasters, infectious disease, extremism, violence, terrorism,  conflicts, poor governance, lack of capacity, commitment and dedication.

JAD Foundation’s approach is dynamic, focused on the inherent rights of nature and human, as well as all corresponding humanitarian responsibilities embedded in the universe and its de-facto planetary and universe citizens to live together a universe-based ethic. We recognize the interconnectedness between human beings, the ecosystem and the environment, and we are committed to contribute our share at local, national, regional and global level towards the overall well-being of humanity and the fellow-creature across the world. We believe that the world possesses the tools needed to effectively mitigate  these challenges and provide  justice to all critical issues.

Partnership and commitment
The JAD Foundation is passionate about regenerating cultural and organic diversity, and maintaining a respectful relationship between the human rights, responsibilities and Earth system. We understand our limitation, but together, in humility, we started a journey of transformation and developed a common vision that we believe will drive a paradigm shift in our world. In humility, we know that we don’t have all the solution to the world challenges, but we believe that together we should find new ways of socioeconomic and environmental challenges as a change agents, we started an experiment of finding new ways of cooperation among citizens through people to people contact.

In this journey and beyond, we invite the professionals of multidisciplinary and multisectoral experts, researchers,  beneficiaries, decision makers and leaders of tomorrow across the world to join us and work together for the common cause of well-being of humanity and the creature on the planet.

JAD Foundation makes a long-term commitment with our partners to address the root causes of today's most pressing ecological, social and economic injustices at local to national level that ultimately contribute to building a safer planet to live, where future generation are safe and prosperous. We understand the impact of rapidly changing technology, the dynamic process of ecosystem, the changing actions/behaviour of humanity needs to be friendly to global justice- means equal rights for all including future generations, through access to resources, knowledge and decision making.

JAD Foundation will foster partnership  with international partners through JAD International at all levels for transformative shift towards a new spirit of solidarity, cooperation, and mutual trust and accountability that underpin the world's pressing challenges. The partnership will be based on a common understanding of our shared humanity, underpinning mutual respect and mutual benefit in a shrinking world.

This partnership should involve people living in poverty, those with disabilities, youth, women, civil society, indigenous local communities, climate/disaster and conflict affected people, traditionally marginalized groups, local and national organizations, government organizations, the business community, Corporate Sector, academia,  private philanthropy and donor agencies for changed paradigm of individual action to collective contribution for a safer and resilient future generation.

 At the backup of our team, we are supported by the world renowned members of  Board of Trustees/Directors, Goodwill Ambassadors, professionals, and volunteers teams with rich professional experiences of decades, working with International/national development organizations, government sector, research Institutions in the field of development, disaster risk management, Information technology, climate change adaptation/mitigation, conflict resolution and peace building, poverty reduction, education, health, water and sanitation and youth development.

Our dedicated youth volunteers with the skills of emergency response and practices, our youth leadership forums with futuristic vision and capacity to transform the challenges into opportunities, our donors, well-wishers and our supporters are contributing to our cause.