Our Objectives

JAD Foundation has the following objectives:

  1. To engage, involve the youth (especially the girls) in all development and political decision/planning and youth development and leadership through learning, experiences and responsible citizenship.
  2. To empower the youth in general and women and girls in particular as a real change agent to address the key issues of extremism, fundamentalism and other socioeconomic challenges of the century.
  • To promote trance-boundary peace building, conflict resolution/transformation and disaster/climate risk reduction issues through the active engagement and frontline initiatives by women and girls.
  1. To promote female education and create an enabling environment that ensure equal right to both boys and girls and also to youth exchange programs between cities and countries.
  2. To promote and foster provision of child rights with the objective that no child left behind education, no child is sleeping hungry, no child denied basic health support, lacking clean drinking water and air, feeling insecure physically, mentally, psychologically and emotionally.
  3. To empower women and girls raising awareness, advocacy, motivation, mobilization, activation about their rights and responsibilities.
  • To enhance skills/knowledge through training and capacity building, income generating through entrepreneurship and use of technology to supplement the family economic support system.
  • To promote and support gender harmony in development and humanitarian aid; legal and constitutional justice to all, especially to women, malnourished children, disabled, old aged people, most vulnerable, and disaster affected victims; and to arrange a rapid recovery program through effective sustainable development planning.
  • To participate in the efforts of governments and other organizations in food, water, energy and national security, environmental protection, climate change adaptation/mitigation, and prevention, mitigation and preparedness for comprehensive disaster risk reduction.
  1. To develop human capital and competency through generating knowledge/sciences and technology for the common benefit to live together as one big global family that will contribute in reducing the global challenges of poverty, globalization, production & consumption, climate change, extreme events, terrorism, conflict/violence through a collective framework at personal to global level.
  2. To advance understanding and promotion of impactful projects on themes that span the full life cycle of conflict — from early warning and conflict prevention, to negotiation, mediation and conflict management, to transitional justice, demobilization and reintegration, and post-conflict and peace building process
  • To set up school/center of excellences for research and capacity building on climate change, disaster risk reduction, peacebuilding & conflict prevention.
  • To seek financial and technical support from donors and philanthropists for promotion of the core values of the Foundation and ensuring optimum support to humanity and the ecosystem rights.
  • To promote the inherent Rights of Nature that has now become urgently necessary to stop injustices to all members of the Earth Community and of future generations.
  1. We support animal welfare, especially during disasters and owing to climate change and ensure safe evacuation of animal to the safer places with available fodder to them.
  • To protect the environment by promoting forestation and discourage deforestation and misuse of natural assets by corporate culture.
  • To promote and recognise Nature's inherent rights in human law as legally binding, essential to change the way we think of and respect Earth as a subject with rights, and not an object without rights.
  • To provide consultancy and professional services to NGOs and Corporate sectors for supporting their humanitarian and research activities
  • To set up a network of professional volunteers at a local/national and global level for the core areas of the Foundation
  1. The overall objective of JAD Foundation is to contribute to the global citizenry for sustainable development of the humanity and wellbeing of the creature.