Join Us

               I.  The work we do at JAD Foundation’s chapters, would not be possible, if it weren’t for the generous donations we receive through private support. This support is very important for us to sustain our projects and develop them in the future.
              II.  We at JAD are extremely grateful for everything that we have received so far, and thank you in advance for any contribution you can make to JAD, helping to bring positive change in the lives and livelihood of the most vulnerable, marginalized, conflict, disaster and climate change victims, women, children, disabled, displaced in the most fragile parts of the world, and break their cycle of poverty, oppression, they are in constant threats of terrorism, sectarianism and extremism.
           III.  We are also thankful to everyone who has helped our charity in other ways, by spreading awareness of our projects, volunteering, sponsoring children to go to school, or by providing advice, ideas, technical and administrative support.

  1. You can support for construction for shelter for the disaster, climate and conflict displaced families. There are a number of ways to show your support for JAD humanitarian and development cause by: Monthly, quarterly, half yearly and yearly donating funds·
  2. Sponsoring a marginalized child for education, healthcare, treatment
  • Supporting and contributing to JF Scholarship Projects for career building
  • Volunteering for education, emergency response, child support project promotion
  1. Creating a network of well-wishers for us/spreading awareness of our work
  2. Finding markets for our youth entrepreneur’s products, helping to sustain an income for the women in our youth entrepreneurs Centres
  3. Giving money for a specific income generating object, for example $300 provides one cow ($100 for a goat) for a woman in our livelihood project in villages to start a dairy business
  • You can support one girl’s education for $80 per year per child.
  • You can support our malnutrition project to school children with $ 100 per year per child.
  • You can contribute to climate change by donation $24 per annum for ten tree plantation and maintenance.
  1. You can donate $12 per annum towards our Climate Change awareness and advocacy project in schools.
  • Your $1 contribution per month to support us to reduce terrorism and extremism risk in the country that will ultimately contribute towards peace building.
  • You can contribute $100-1000 towards Consortia Habitat program of JAD Foundation to provide free of cost home to climate and disaster victims
  • You can become partner in our Consortia Habitat Program with your one time contribution of $5000.
  • Sponsor a girl/boy child and most vulnerable women in a community that desperately need you help for $300 par annum
  1. Out of school girl for books/uniform and fee $ 80 per annum per child
  • Malnourished girl $ 100 per annum per child
  • Malnourished pregnant and lactating women $130 per annum
  • Child protection -Shelter less girl/women $ 300-500
  • Sanitation and health hygiene for a family $ 100-150
  • Career internship $ 500 per child per annum
  • Disaster affected child $ 50 per child recovery program
  • Conflict violence affected child $12 per annum
  • A marginalized women and child $ 150 per annum

You can support the most marginalized and vulnerable people though our Word Aid Project, a unique approach to reach directly to the needy and supporting directly by the donor.
Under this project you can select your own choice of support to humanity or the ecosystem and we will identify needy for your sponsorship. We will link with you and provide means of support, you can directly send them through cash, in kind gift and other means. We will monitor and evaluate the support and report back about the impact of the support.