Justice, Aid and Development (JAD) Foundation is a humanitarian and development based research organization established in December 1994 and registered in 2000 under the Voluntary Social Welfare Agencies (Registration and Control) Ordinance XLVI of 1961, to supplement the efforts of the government in advocating a long term solution for the socio-economic challenges of environment, energy, poverty, food security, national security, and globalization challenges, owing to geophysical and political complexities, demographic pressure, natural resource constraints, poor governance, lack of policy consistency, corruption, sectarian conflict, violence, extremism, conflicting international relations, and terrorism.

Poverty Reduction

The concept of poverty reduction and Sustainable Security (LS) is considered to the various factors and processes which either constrain or enhance poor people’s ability to make a living in an ......

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Peace Building

Pakistan is situated in a region where fundamentalism/extremism in context of geopolitic has been posed, as one of the most threatening questions. The Islamic funConceptually, peacebuilding .........

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Human Rights

Human rights are essential in a democratic and inclusive society that respects the rule of law, human dignity, equality and freedom. The human rights belong to all people without discrimination.....

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justice denotes placing things in their rightful place, giving others equal treatment, a moral virtue an attribute of human personality and the fulfillment of capacities and the observance and vi....

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Seeking support at multi‐level, including individual, community, private organizations, corporate sector, donors and governments and giving assistance, and providing support to marginalized and .....

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Educational strategy is a key element of the JAD Educational Action Plan to attract talented youth and prepare our youth to meet the challenges of 21st century. Achieving social justice is often ....

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